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Cartier Diamonds are sixty nine Carat diamonds which were purchased at a record value by Cartier. These were then introduced to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. So was nicknamed as Taylor Diamonds. In 1978, Elizabeth Taylor bought them to construct a hospital in Botswana.

The intentions to scale back spending for nice jewellery and watches are in keeping with the overall mood of the prosperous market. Over 80% of the survey respondents reported that they'd made a normal effort to cut back or defer expenditures through the previous 12 months, would make a acutely aware effort to do so during the subsequent 12 months, or had both executed so in the past and would continue to take action in the future.

1847: Louis-François Cartier laid the Foundation of the company as he takes over the jewelry workshop of his master, Adolphe Picard on the rue Montorgueil in Paris. A 12 months earlier he had change into a grasp jeweler and registered his trademark, a heart between the initials L and C, framed by a diamond.

It's said that a new Vacharon Constantln watch often causes a revolution in the watch making business. That is explained by the fact that the brand's watchmakers are within the fixed search for new watch making choices, progressive applied sciences and doable enhancements. "Do better if doable and that is always potential", this is the corporate's motto.

In honour of its fifteenth anniversary, Montreal-based mostly equestrian company Cavalia will carry out beneath a big high at the corner of Ste-Catherine Avenue East and De Lorimier Avenue, underneath the Jacques Cartier Bridge. I've purchased at the least 6 pairs of Cartier eyeglasses. And a few Cartier watches. I've a problem with considered one of my Cartier frames - and Cartier says they don't repair their glasses. They say that the retailer that offered it to me has to cite me to fix it. The retailer says Cartier desires to charge them to fix it and that I would have to pay for it. I don't understand. Why cannot Cartier take care of their very own product - and never cost the patron who is a regular and loyal shopper? Takes away my confidence in Cartier.